Hi! I am a licensed full time professional with Bunbury & Associates and have been practicing the art of buying and selling homes since 2013. I am also an avid real estate blogger for the greater Madison area.
I really enjoyed the pleasure of growing up in the Madison area. I’ve also lived many places away from Madison and have always gravitated back “home.” Where else can you find beautiful lakes, great restaurants, friendly people, and unique neighborhoods? I have been lucky, I’ve lived all over this great city, from the north side of Madison, the south side, near east, downtown, and far west. Currently, Waunakee is where I call home in the Southbridge neighborhood.
My background weaves a career path through construction, art, and as an online entrepreneur. I started my career in the construction trades and worked on many commercial and residential projects as a carpenter. I wanted to expand my horizons and my interest in art/design and went to college later in life. I graduated from MATC with a degree in animation arts in 2011. It wasn’t until buying our second home in 2012 that I was completely inspired and realized that I wanted to help others with the process of buying and selling homes. My background in building and design, along with my love of working with people and knack for negotiation led me to a rewarding career in real estate.
One of the best things about being a Realtor is the variety in my day. Most of my time is spent working from home advising amazing clients, blogging about the local real estate market, reading over home inspection reports, viewing homes with clients, negotiating contracts, staging homes, putting a SOLD sign on a clients front lawn or turning keys over to enthusiastic new home owners.
When Im not practicing real estate you can find me at home with my beautiful wife Francesca and our two loving dogs Magnus and Ayasha. We love to host parties and have our family over. I come from a big family with 4 siblings. My personal time is spent studying Tae kwon do (I’m a black belt), bodybuilding, skate boarding, traveling with my wife, and taking my pups hiking.

Contact Martin Colver at 608-335-8798